Clay County Resources

Church of God Worship Center
The official site of the Oneida/Laurel Creek Church of God Worship Center, located near Manchester, Kentucky - Sermons by Rev. Joey Burns, Pastor Manchester, Kentucky

Clay County Historical Society Manchester, Kentucky

Clay County History General Genealogical Records
Information on Clay County, Kentucky Records Research Manchester, Kentucky

Clay County News
Taking Clay County, Kentucky Around The World
Manchester, Kentucky

Clay County Public Library LLB
Creations, custom web design and planning from start to finish Manchester, Kentucky 

Clay County Schools
Manchester, Kentucky

News and features about Manchester and Clay County, Kentucky. Manchester, Kentucky

Community Profile Manchester, Kentucky

First National Bank of Manchester Manchester, Kentucky

God's ER
Providing help to those in need through ministry and song
Manchester, Kentucky

Manchester - Clay County Chamber of Commerce
Manchester, Kentucky

Manchester - Clay County Economic Development
Economic Development of Clay County
Manchester, Kentucky

Manchester Enterprise
The Manchester Enterprise is a small mountain newspaper serving the people of Manchester and Clay County KY since 1890Manchester, Kentucky

Manchester Memorial Hospital
Adventist Health System, hospitals, nursing jobs, healthcare employment, healthcare systems, faith based healthcare, healing Manchester, Kentucky

Manchester Tourism
Manchester, Kentucky

Manchester ~ Clay County Chamber of Commerce
Manchester, Kentucky

New Clay County Courthouse Webcam The LIDA CAM brings you live... What's happening in Manchester KY Manchester, Kentucky

PC Solutions
Domain name renewal and affordable web hosting packages from Network Solutions Manchester, Kentucky

Saint Ann Mission Catholic Web
Provides free resources for Catholic Dioceses, Churches, Schools and Organizations including: free websites, email, hosting, support, Catholic news, and more.  Manchester, Kentucky

The Fairy God Foundation
It is the mission of The Fairy God Foundation to enable disadvantaged high schools students in Southeastern Kentucky to enjoy a memorable prom experience. The Foundation seeks to accomplish this mission with a multi-faceted program of assistance that includes free prom dresses and free or discounted tuxedos, salon services, flowers, dinners, and other accompaniments of prom. Manchester, Kentucky

WTBK - FM (Manchester)
Manchester, Kentucky ​​​

Clay County Resources