Clay County is moving forward and many changes have taken place and are still taking place. Recent additions to the infrastructure include a new 911 and police building, new city government building, new county Justice building (housing circuit, district, family, and juvenile courts and county offices), and a new county administration building. A new regional detention center was finished in 2003 and houses around 250 inmates. Also adding to the infrastructure is the formation of new water districts now serving better than 85% of the county with clean potable water. Resurgence on many fronts is occurring in manufacturing, industrial, and service jobs with a new plywood mill, a newly located industrial stamping plant, a new national chain motel and new restaurants. The local hospital just completed a new operating room wing and is adding a new wing for cardiac care.

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There are new roads, bridges, industry, manufacturing, schools, and construction projects. Clay County is no longer at the front door knocking; the county has entered the twenty-first century with a new vision forming a new shape that will continue to serve its people with new opportunities for a better way of life for decades to come.​​​​​